A parents choice to stay or leave is weighty business, regardless of what are wounds tell us.

Many good people have taken children across the bridge into adulthood.

Some were related and some were not.

Some of us were left at the foot of the bridge by our parents, some were carried part way and some parents stayed the course, tripping and stumbling, yet, they got us to the other side.

No matter, if they stayed or left, parents carry a weight and we don't know what they carry in their hearts. Chances are, they're leaving wasn't personal and there is an unmistakeable truth that without our biological parents we wouldn't be here, no matter what our wounds tell us.

Being abandoned feels terrible, however, by excluding a parent that left us behind we are actually abandoning ourselves further because we are 50% of that person. By learning to include them in our hearts we are accepting ourselves and we can deepen our relationships with others. It's weighty business.

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