Am upcoming workshop on helping to integrate our early experiences

On Monday, March 28, I will be offering an online group workshop where we will specifically be looking at these dynamics through the lens of our pre and peri natal experience.

This is an experiential workshop where individuals will look at how they have integrated their family dynamics with the support of the group. Each participant is free to choose if they want to actively participate or watch and listen. Everyone plays an equal role in supporting, no matter how they choose to participate and everyone receives healing due to the nature of our energetic connections to each other.

Theme: Parenting is tricky business and none of us had perfect parents

Date: March 28, 2022

Time: 7 PM MST

Cost: 35 CDN. dollars

Place: Zoom

Book your space here or email me at I also work with individuals in 1-1 sessions for those that would like to be in a more intimate setting.

This is a short video I did talking about the 'pre and peri natal space and the value of its exploration.

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