Are you unconsciously loyal to a family code?

More on family loyalties...

A person can feel shame if they come from families with opposing values. For example this can happen if for example a woman's mother's side of the family puts more emphasis on education and career where her father's side puts more importance on growing a large family and making ends meet. A woman may feel torn if her and her partner agree they are not in a financial position to have more children so she follows her career path. Now she is being loyal to her mother's side of the family and disloyal to her father's side. This is a conundrum for the woman because no matter what she chooses she feels the risk of being excluded or disapproved of to some degree from one side of her family. These are family soul 'codes' so to speak. The woman has to say in her heart to her larger family's soul, something to the effect of, "I will take what helps me grow and live a happy life with respect for all that you have given me. The rest I leave with you. Thank you for my life."

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