Can you feel your branches and roots? Can you feel the truth between them?

Trees have an intricate communication system with themselves and each other. They know how much water to take in, they know how to bend with the wind, how to breathe and when to shed their leaves and grow new ones. Trees don't think their way through life, they feel it.

If we slow down and feel our bodies, they will tell us when to eat, when to drink, move and sleep. They will help us shed old ideas like the leaves that have served their purpose. Like the roots of the trees, our bodies will help us discover new and more appropriate ways to communicate with each other. Let's not underestimate the brilliance of our bodies. We carry the wisdom of centuries before us.

We can support our body's with body work. It helps us relax the tissue that has been holding difficult things. It calms our nervous system so we can digest our food and sleep. It relax our bones, muscles and organs and brain.

Unraveling our family history and the pieces we are entangled with allows freedom in our body to live life on our own terms. We can distinguish the difference of what is our own and what we have been doing to fit in. We can slow down and let our body integrate what it has been carrying so dutifully for us. Our tissues and bones can relax, our lymphatic fluid, blood and cranio- sacral fluid can flow at a greater capacity.

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