Can you set a personal boundary around how fast other people ask you to go? What does that mean?

Let's talk about transitioning from one thing to another. For example, we might be leaving work to go home. Do you get home from work and realize you forgot your phone, your extra set of shoes, the paperwork you had planned to finish up? Maybe you got rattled by something in traffic and forgot to go the store to get something you had planned on buying for supper.

Notice how you it feels to be in transition. Is it smooth, effortless, rough or bumpy? If you can slow down enough you might even notice there are some emotions that get stirred as you go from one thing to the next. Maybe you feel a bit anxious or have a feeling of underlying trepidation. Just notice it. Take a minute to feel into what might help ease this feeling?

Maybe someone we live with or work with us pushes us to multi task or go faster than we're capable moving from one thing to the next. They might have a better capacity to hold a larger container. Notice how you feel when someone else sets your pace.

How can we resource ourselves during transitions? One thing for sure is most of us need at least a bit of time to process our last experience. Some people like to use lists, some people just need to sit for a few minutes and collect their thoughts, some people like to connect with others for a few minutes. Find what resources you, whatever it is.

I work in one on one sessions in person or online. I also hold online group workshops. If you would like to be supported in a confidential group just let me know. I will get the group together and we will help you through your personal challenge by feeling into the energetic field that we all live in.

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