Difficulties in coping may have started before we can even remember.

Updated: Mar 22

There is a biological alteration in a person's brain when they have had an early traumatic experience. Fetal distress and elevated levels of the hormone, cortisol can impact the child's developing brain. This can possibly alter brain size, shape, structure and organization. Problems can be developed in the higher areas of the brain that are responsible for higher order and thinking, such as impulse control, problem solving and rational decision making. Even what would seem like minor incidents to others will push the child beyond their capacity to cope. Unaddressed, the child will take this into adulthood. The good news is that we can build new neural pathways. Ask me how!

To learn more about how to overcome these kinds of feelings, you might like to sign up for my upcoming workshop. This will be a small group with no more than 10 people over Zoom.

We will be putting an emphasis on our pre and peri-natal influences and how these experiences may be held in our bodies.

Theme: Parenting is tricky business and none of us had perfect parents

Date: May 28, 2022

Time: 7 PM MST

Cost: 35 CDN. dollars

Place: Zoom

Book your space here or email me at I also work with individuals in 1-1 sessions for those that would like to be in a more intimate setting.

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