Discover how we unconsciously contort ourselves as a deep need for survival.

What are we making of our lives? We might notice a shortcoming within ourselves and say, 'This is how I've always been so this is who I am." Perhaps all of this is true but it may because of the way our early wounding is expressed. It feels like this is 'who we are' because we developed adaptations to fit in to our family and society that have been with us from the beginning. It's next to impossible to work these things out on our own because they are woven into our unconscious.

On January 20th at 7PM, I will be holding an online group workshop where we will support someone in the group to resolve a personal challenge.

There are three spots left. The investment is 35.00. Contact me at to save your spot, get your zoom link, ask questions or if there is a need for financial accommodations

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