Do you find instructions hard to follow?


A person that was born under a drug induced labour.

This person might avoid road construction and not because they are impatient and don't want to wait. It's because the disruption of the normal traffic pattern confuses their brain. Driving can go a bit fast when people have this drug imprint . The environment offers a lot to take in on a good day and sometimes their brain gets overloaded when unexpected changes are presented. Interpretation of the flag people's instructions can become halted and they tend to have difficulty processing signals.

This is one of the ways unresolved trauma interrupts the nervous system and brain function. They can experience a state of freeze when their body and brain get caught in a moment of cognitive uncertainty because their neural imprinting makes them feel like they're high again so it can be really hard to think and problem solve.

This is one example of what might happen with a drug imprint. If you were born with an intervention you might find yourself feeling confused by instructions or problem solving but you can build new neural pathways and overcome it by breaking down the pieces in a slow and safe environment.

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