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"In our culture we live in our heads. We have demeaned and denigrated the body and it's wisdom and it's intelligence... It's helpful, I think to distinguish between the intelligence of the head and body. Intelligence of the head excels at analysis. It sits apart from the world and observes and analyzes and systemizes and it seeks no relationship. It seeks to know everything around it, to name everything around it and there is a comfort in that. It gives us the feeling that we 'know' everything around us and if I know everything around me, I don't need to feel.... The Mayan culture believed we have two brains. The one is the head and the one in the pelvic bowl and they were intended to work together.

"~Philip Shephard

In my practice, Rhythmic waves healing, I help people integrate their head and bodies to live a more rich and full life by connecting to parts of our nervous system that may have been disrupted through our birth process using Ortho-Bionomy, Cranial Sacral therapy, Family and ancestral healing and . These disruptions can leave long and lasting imprints that affect our daily lives.

You might enjoy these short videos I have created to help understand this idea a bit more.

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You can learn more about how birth trauma can affect a person throughout their life by watching this video:

You can learn more about our genetic imprints by watching these quick videos

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