Do you have unconscious parts that need acknowledgment? Save Feb 10 in your calendar.

Becoming whole is a gradual process. The 'shadow' or parts or repressed parts are adaptions that we've developed to survive. The little one only wants to make our caregivers happy. We contort ourselves to fit the needs of others and give up parts of ourselves. This can result in emotions or behaviours such as resentment, anger, playing small, feeling undeserving or laughing everything off.

This giving up of ourselves can also result in health conditions such as diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, crohns disease and other auto immune diseases.

We can find peace if we can have patience with our bodies and our reactions and forgive ourselves for not always having the smoothest reaction to situations.

Little bit by little bit we can restore what we've given up and in the meantime we can rest in knowing that there is a part of ourselves that has found a way to keep ourselves safe. As we get more and more glimpses of our shadows, we can give ourselves grace and let them integrate. We can become more comfortable with what lies within us, the resolved and the unresolved and give ourselves grace.

On Thursday February 10 at 7PM MST, I will be offering a group session (constellation work) where we will be doing 'snapshots'. This way of working gives a number of individuals in the group an opportunity to look at an unconscious piece. Our theme is going to be 'What part of me yearns to be acknowledged?

The cost is 35.00. E-transfers can be sent to or through Paypal to the same email address. Contact me for the zoom link or if there is a need for financial considerations.

Making room for loving all parts of ourselves.

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