Do you know how to support yourself during challenging times?

Learning how to discover resources for yourself can be tricky on your own. Would you like some help?

Developing emotional resilience can keep our brain remain healthy into our later years in life. We produce less cortisol and more of the calming hormones as we learn to hold ourselves steady in challenging situations. Our brain thrives with good food, exercise, sleep, water and connection to others.

Sorting out unresolved personal, family and birth trauma can help us earn healthier self attachment by building new neural pathways. We are able to move more freely in life as we learn to accept what can't be changed. We no longer need approval from others because we can give it to ourselves.

I work in 1-1 sessions and I also hold group workshops. To learn more go to my 'healing tab' and to sign up for my newsletter you can go to my 'contact 'page to be kept informed of upcoming workshops.

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