Do you lose concentration and get easily sidetracked?

If it were only once in a while, it wouldn't be so bad but the struggle with daily 'charbeque' is more real for some of us.

I could name a million examples of how some of us start things and walk away, losing our timing in it. We burn the supper, we let the sink overflow, we forget we were warming up the car and leave it running. It can be a long list.

People might say, 'sheesh, what an airhead!' A more actual statement might be 'What an 'airbody'. This person keeps slipping out of their body so their mind and body are going in different directions.

What contributes to this? I'll name a couple of things. If a child's mother has too much going on, the baby or young child picks up the confusion and feels responsible for it. They don't have the ability to 'think' and reason yet so this a felt sense deep into their little bodies that they are responsible for this discontent. Their brain and nervous system become overwhelmed because they are getting a high level of cortisol through the placenta or if they are a bit older they will be making higher amounts of their own cortisol. This is a biological reaction for survival that gets imprinted into their nervous system.

How does this affect the adult? They were laying down a nervous system that would adapt to the stressors they were being influenced by. The person has come to expect chaos and may have difficulty with concentration. They might see others having more coherent experiences but don't know how to achieve it themselves or may believe that a calm state is only for other people.

So here's how it works. You were in your mom's body when she was a fetus in your grandma's body. What was going on for Grandma and Grandpa when your mom was growing her body? What was going on for mom and dad when you were growing your body? Do we carry some of this chaos to stay close to our parents? We can learn to let it go and still have our parents in our hearts.

By unlearning these habitual responses and building new neural pathways we can attune with ourselves. These pieces have been with us for a long time. It is unrealistic to expect ourselves to resolve them on our own. Often times we are blind to these ways of being because they lie so deep within us.

I offer one on one sessions on line and in person. I also offer confidential group sessions online. Let me know if you have a personal challenge you would like to be supported with in the power of a group and I will arrange it.

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