Do you sometimes feel like you've been run over?

This is imperative to do, often even several times a day if we got off to a rough start in our pre and peri natal days and the first few years of life.

Birth interventions, such as drugs, forceps, epidurals and c-Sections can all throw us out of our natural rhythm and make it difficult for us to concentrate, learn and simply be in the world!

Traumatic experiences later in life can also overwhelm us and leave us feeling somewhat helpless. Our nervous system needs to be reminded over and over again and we can learn to support ourselves by building new neural pathways.

Our surrounding environment can often feel harsh until we can find a way to connect with the parts of ourselves that were thrown offline.

It helps to break down the pieces in a safe environment. These places of confusion are usually unconscious because they have been with us before we even had words or in the case of later trauma, we might have blocked it out as a survival strategy.

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