How are you with isolation? Do you feel safer alone or do you crave connection?

Being supported by others in our healing is a way to gain resilience. We are not meant to do life alone. If we feel a need to isolate it may be coming from something from our family system or early birth imprinting. What might have been going on for our ancestors that might have made them feel unsafe or distrustful toward others? What was going on for our parents, community or the larger world as we were gestating or integrating our birth experience within the first seven years of life?

Examples of interference in connection can be immigration, early deaths, murders or other acts of violence, loss of babies or children to still born birth, abortion or accident, chronic health conditions, depression in a parent, early separation from a caregiver, interventions at birth such as epidurals, suctioning, forceps or drugs and abuse.

I will be offering an online Zoom workshop.

Theme: Reconnecting the dots to resilience.

When: Wed April 20th

Time: 7PM MST

Where: Zoom

Cost: 35.00 CDN

Please email me here or at to book your seat.

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