How did your parents environment affect your birth process?

Chances are, it might still be having an affect on your health, your relationships and how easily or challenged you are at navigating your way through life.

Traumatic events get stored in our brain in a unique way to support our 'sense' of survival. Something to remember is what may be traumatic to one person may not be as troubling to another person.

A number of years ago I burned myself from some hot water that flew out of a paper cup. The true details that I recall to the event are still blurry. What the camera in the store showed was different from what I remember.

Here's my version of the story: I went into 7-11, walked over to the coffee bar, picked up a cup, filled it with water, got a tea bag and put it in. As I picked up the cup it collapsed a bit and the water splashed out on my skin. The manager came out and asked me if I was ok and got me some antiseptic cream.

What was shown on the camera was different than that. I made the tea in a different order and I actually bumped the cup with my hand when I went to pick it up and splashed myself. The only two parts of my memory that were intact was when I entered the store and when the manager came out and supported me.

I have explored my pre and peri- natal experience extensively and can trace this pattern of blurry chaos back to my earliest days. What lies in our nervous system will repeat itself. The more intense the pre and peri natal trauma, the more work it is to resolve. The good news is that our nervous system can be healed from these experiences and we can build new neural pathways to help mitigate the frequency and intensity of our history.

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