How do family entanglements affect your psyche and every day life?

We carry a lot of information in our cells. It can feel like a big mish mash at times. Sometimes when people come to me for support they'll say, 'I don't even know where to start when it comes to my family'. It can be really confusing and difficult to sort our way though the double binds and entanglements on our own because they are unconscious. You might find my videos on 'double bind's of interest.

I work in person and online. Private one on one sessions can be done in person and online. Group sessions are done online to accommodate the varying needs of everyone.

There are currently no workshops scheduled but I'm always here to facilitate one! ​ Workshops can easily be arranged with me. Just feel into a personal challenge you would like to have a group support you in and I'll take care of the details! Once I have the people together we will choose a day and time where we will come together on line. We will lean into what is known as the metamorphic field to help you bring resolution to what is troubling you. ​ It's that easy!

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