How do we unconsciously contort ourselves to please other people?

We teach our children what was taught to us until we learn differently. Many of our ancestors struggled through harsh conditions and simply made-do. This feeling of fortitude can be a strength but it can also leave us with feeling of a lack of self worth. We might feel like having more is only for other people.

Another example might be if our mother's side of the family valued education but our father's side valued hard physical labour. The child may have a conflict warring inside of them.

One more example might be that the mother's side is religious and believes in hell and damnation for those that don't follow those doctrines but the father's side does not. How does the child find inner peace? If they're loyal to their father they might live in eternal hell but if they're loyal to their mother they must leave their father behind.

These conflicting internal messages can leave people with chronic health conditions, struggling in intimate relationships and social interactions, unending financial challenges and phobias to mention a few of the resulting troubles that people might experience.

How do we unravel these conflicting messages that can live deep inside of us, even from past generations?

I offer one on one sessions and group sessions where we look at things trough the lens of our family and ancestral 'energetic field'.

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