How does family affect health?

DO YOU HAVE HEALTH STRUGGLES? Emotional, mental, physical or spiritual

In a perfect world the above quote would be true. In a partially perfect world it is true some of the time. In the real world we can bare parts of ourselves to certain members and not others. In most families people are contorting themselves to fit the family mould. We do it unconsciously and often feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it. Keeping the secret is the unwritten family code. The parent in some backhanded way hooks the child into taking care of their needs which leaves the child being the 'big' one. Being an adult with no road map is a lot for a child to hold. One of the siblings is the brunt of jokes or in the saddest cases they are the victims of various degrees of abuse. Where does all it start? To be sure, it didn't start with us.

It can help to unravel these mysteries. How do you know you are holing unconscious obligations? Maybe you struggle with relationships, you don't want to go for your dream job or you don't think you deserve the 'nice' partner. Do you feel like there is a veil between you and one or more of your own children? You love them more than anything but you just can't quite reach their heart? Perhaps your health suffers. These are the unconscious voices and energetic undercurrents that lie in the 'mysterious silence' or our 'energetic family grid'.

I am available for zoom sessions or working over the phone if you have a sense there is something that is too much for you to figure out on your own. These entanglements are sticky business and it can really help to see things through fresh eyes.

What we know for sure is this:

We all have struggles as parents.

If we are parents, we are all responding to our children in ways that are less than optimal.

Our places of struggle have to do with how we were parented.

And none of us had perfect parents.

If we have children, we all have strengths as parents.

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You might find this short video of interest:

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