How to see through another lens.

Beside being a holistic health care facilitator, I am also an artist. One thing I was taught while I was learning to draw was to turn my piece of work upside down and see it from a different perspective. I was always amazed how I saw where things were out of balance. My everyday eyes got too used to seeing the same thing.

Looking at things from the lens of our family and ancestors can be very helpful if we have a challenge in life. The blocks aren't something we easily see because they've often been there long before we arrived.

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I am always here, in person or over Zoom, if you would like support in breaking something down into digestible pieces. Having someone guide you through the fog of family dynamics and holding a safe space may be the answer to finding some resolve to health problems, relationship problems or just generally moving forward in your life.

I work one on one and in group settings.

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