I am who I say I am

There seems to be a theme presenting itself lately where people are ready to live their own lives and not in the shadows of others anymore. Some of the repeated feelings that seem to be shared are that 'I can't get traction', 'I always feel guilty', 'I don't think I have what it takes' and 'I'm afraid to lose what I've got, so I stay in the same place and do the same thing.

These kinds of feelings can be the culprit of stagnation in our lives, a lack of joy, chronic health issues, and problematic relationships.

Family and and ancestral healing sessions are a very effective way to help us see things that have been hidden and misunderstood. Do you or someone you know give yourself up for another person? Have you felt this way ever since you can remember or did it start presenting itself at a certain time in life? These can be important questions that can help unravel unnamed dynamics that run in the background of life. We can accept new possibilities that can be life giving once we get clear on what is at work behind the scenes.

The format for the work on this night will be 'snapshots' That means we will probably do more than one piece of work or 'constellations'. We decide on the evening as we go who would like to explore a personal piece of work with the confidential support of the group. Everyone in the group receives healing from the work that is done because we are all connected as humans. Common themes run amongst all of us and when we see and feel one person's energetic field shift, we also gain insights for ourselves. Everyone is given the choice to actively participate or sit and watch. We are all contributing to the healing movement if we are the 'turn person', a representative or holding the container by being a witness and watching.

Remember, we're not meant to do life alone. Leaning into our fellow man is one of the best ways forward.

I hope you will join the group on:

Time: Tuesday, June 28th

Time: 7:00 pm -9:30 PM MDT

Place: Zoom

Cost: 35.00

Email me here if you would like to join and I will send you the zoom link and payment details.

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