Is an instinctual need for survival holding you hostage?

You might ask, what is a double bind and what could it possibly have to do with my mother ?

A classic example of a double bind is, ‘If I’m to be in this family I have to take care of my mom, that means I can’t be myself’. The child will always feel like they have to make their parents happy so they won’t be rejected and can stay in the family. This feeling comes from an instinctual need for survival. Double binds and entanglements are hard to think through because they actually run through our entire being, not just the physical. This dynamic affects the physical, mental emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Double binds are encoded in our limbic system and it feels like we’re not allowed to name them or we’ll get kicked out of our family and we NEED our family to survive so what that means is that even in adulthood the double bind persists. These entanglements can get encoded before we’re even born.

I am offering a Family and ancestral group workshop to help the participants work through double binds.

Theme: Where do you start and your mother end?

Date: March 9, 2022

Cost: $35.00 CDN

Time: 7 PM MST

Location: Zoom

Spaces will be limited for this workshop. Please contact me here or at to confirm your seat.

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