Is it hard to feel big emotions?

Children need to know we can feel their experience. If they know that then they feel safe and accepted.

If you were 5 years old right now, how would you describe your mood? Can you feel it in your body? I'll start.

There's a place in the back of my head that's making me feel like I might have a missed a step!

Solution: There is a lot going on right now for my husband and I, so, the trick for me is to recognize these body sensations and know that there really is no catastrophe. I might just have a birth imprint tapping in the background. I can slow this feeling down by taking a few minutes and giving myself a bit of space to think and feel. What's true, what's real? I can let my body show me what my brain and heart need to get together on. I can slow it down and hear the real truth within myself. My body will tell me what the truth is if I really listen. Where did I get missed in my early development and how can I 'adult' myself? What part of my birth sequence is recapitulating itself right now? I'm not drugged in the birth canal and fighting for my life, that was then. I'm going for a walk right now, there is no catastrophe in this very moment.

This video might give you a new perspective

I'd love to hear what 'your little one' has to say today. Sometimes it's a lot to sort through on our own and it's good to have someone help us take these early experiences apart. I work by phone, on line and in person. Please, remember, you're never alone.

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