Is unresolved ancestral pain showing up in your current life?

Our ancestors experienced many pains that have been left unsaid. Many of these things were pushed down or cast aside because there wasn't enough emotional support or understanding to resolve them. People didn't know how devastating it was to lose a baby in utero, women being sexualized was a societal norm, people died young, therefore, leaving families behind and the impacts of emigration and war and residential school trauma were marginalized. There were so many untold stories that had strong energetic impacts. Energy has to move, it won't stay stagnant forever.

Unprocessed ancestral pain can unconsciously live in us. It will show up in ways such as chronic health conditions, struggling to find and keep intimate relationships, an inability to earn money, difficulty with staying in one place and always having to start over, infertility, anxiety, OCD, addictions to name a few.

I offer group and one on sessions over zoom, and one on one sessions in person.

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