Learn how to feel loyalty to your family and have your autonomy.

Conditioning and deep love for our family often lead us to believe we have to be dutiful to others at any expense to ourselves.

These feelings might loop back to a double bind with a parent or family member where you're unconsciously holding something for someone in your family. This can start long before we arrive here and get further imbedded into our nervous system while we're growing babies and young children.

The solutions to cutting ourselves loose from these dynamics can lie in the metamorphic field and in our bodies. Finding our way back to ourselves and to the health in our system is the way to autonomy.

On January 20 between 7PM and 9:30 PM, MST, I will be offering an online group workshop where we look through the family lens at a personal challenge someone in the group would like to address. The rest of the group will work in support of that person and their family system.

The cost is 35.00 for each support person and 155.00 for the 'turn' person or 'issue holder'. The group is limited to 10 people. Call or email for more information.

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