One loving gesture can actually carry you through life.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a grandma, a little boy and his dad. One day the grandma recorded a lullaby for the dad and the little boy. Every night the dad would read the little boy a book and tickle his back while he would be lulled to sleep by his grandma's voice. One day, Grandma came to visit. The little boy was especially delighted and he said, "Grandma can sing to us herself tonight!" So it was decided and that night they all climbed into the big king size bed with the fluffy pillows and the extra comfy comforter. The grandma was getting a bit old and kind of forgetful and at first she couldn't remember the first lines to the song so the dad sang a few words to help grandma out. Grandma said ,"Oh yeah!," and she began singing and the dad kept singing and then the little boy began to sing! There they were all snuggled into the giant sized bed with the fluffy pillows and the extra comfy comforter, calming each others nervous systems and co-regulating with their love for each other. So after that, they all had a resource. They could think back on this little bit of time where everything was perfect in their worlds and call that feeling in their bodies back again. The little boy could use that memory if he was in a struggle at school, the dad could use it for any struggles he may encounter at work or on the road and Grandma only had to think of that moment to always remember the words to the song! Their few hours of deep rest will live in them forever.

The end

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