Our deep self is only a few leaves away.

It happens to all of us where we occasionally feel the calm before the storm. It can really feel like we've had the rug pulled out from under us when the storm hits but it's during those times we are growing. Storms are good like that.

It's always easier to talk philosophically like this when we are on the outside of the turbulence. It can help to sit with another person that can feel and see the discomfort that is raging inside of us. That person can help us integrate the new or lost pieces back into ourselves. They can help us remember the resilience we came into the world with.

Support from another reliable human can feel like a tall glass of lemon water on a hot day. We're really not meant to do this thing of life on our own so I say, let's drink up!

I offer one one on session and group sessions. I work in person and online.

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