The body keeps score ~Bessel van der Kolk

Updated: Mar 23

I used to take my body for granted. I pushed it along because I had so much to do. I didn't realize how it needed to rest and how it shared a lot of wisdom with me, if only I could have taken a little time to listen. I learned later that things that happen in our earliest days as a baby and young child affect us on a deep level of our being. I also learned that I was affected by the painful things in my family's history that were never resolved and often never spoken of. What I discovered was that my body held those things like a historical memory keeper or store house.

You can learn more about how I work with the body to help bring wellness to the deepest parts of ourselves by going over to the healing tab here in my website. These are the parts that may have been busy holding on to our family history.

You can also learn about how I facilitate healing for others by looking at our family history and our birth imprints. What shaped us in those formative years into becoming who we are now? Are there moments where we still operate through the eyes of a child? It sounds odd, but we can begin to see there are places in ourselves that have gone overlooked and could use some reassurance when we allow time to feel where we've been going along from one thing to the next. Go over to the 'healing tab' in this website to learn more

If you would like to learn more you might like to sign up for my upcoming workshop. This will be a small group with no more than 10 people over Zoom. We will be putting an emphasis on our pre and peri-natal influences in this one.

A message to parents,

We all have struggles as parents.

If we are parents, we are all responding to our children in ways that are less than optimal.

Our places of struggle have to do with how we were parented.

And none of us had perfect parents.

Join me in my group family and ancestral healing workshop. We will be putting an emphasis on our pre and peri-natal influences in this one and how these experiences may be held in our body's.

Theme: Parenting is tricky business and none of us had perfect parents Date: March 28, 2022 Time: 7 PM MST Cost: 35 CDN. dollars Place: Zoom

Book your space here or email me at I also work with individuals in 1-1 sessions for those that would like to be in a more intimate setting.

If you would like to be kept informed of my upcoming workshops you can sign up for my newsletter over on my 'contact page'.

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