Undesirable behaviour is usually a result of unresolved history, our own or our family's.

We have to be easy on ourselves, too. We're not perfect and there are times when most of us have behaved in ways that have made us feel less than proud of ourselves. Most people are responding to something unresolved, often from our earliest days as we were growing a body and then integrating that experience and our first five to seven years of life. Todays example: If a person was abandoned as a child they might have expectations of their friends and ask for more support than the friend has the capacity for. They might get angry with their boss if they felt like they had to be laid off even if was perfectly warranted. They might not be able to stay in the moment and feel the reality of the situation but instead get swirled into a sudden emotional response. By breaking down the pieces slowly and gently we can learn how to delineate the past from the present and recognize where old traumas catch us off guard.

I'm always here to help facilitate and integrate inner resolution in 1-1 sessions or group workshops. You can learn more about my workshops under the 'healing tab' if you like.

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