We can support each other with what information lies between our hearts.

Yesterday a group of ten got to together over zoom and did what we call 'group constellation' or family and ancestral healing work.

We worked with one person and their family field to help them resolve a personal challenge they were having in their life. The energetic field of our families is very generous in showing us where past unresolved trauma can be a stumbling block to future generations.

Important information can be revealed when people come together and slow down enough to let themselves feel what is between their heart and another person's. In this place of understanding we can discover where love has gotten blocked and can't make it through to the younger ones. This blockage manifests in many ways from depression to chronic illness such as heart disease, Crohns disease, Schizophrenia, Fibromyalgia etc. Where did someone's heart become closed because of an overwhelming emotion that they were supported in?

I offer online group and private one on one sessions. I also offer one on one sessions in person.

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