What happens when we fall out of resonance with our mother? What does that mean?

Watch this short video on what can happen when we fall out of resonance with our mother because trauma from our earliest days unconsciously came between us.

On March 9, 2022 I will be offering an online family and ancestral healing workshop.

This work lets us gently heal the past and move in to a confident and bright future. The theme is, 'Where does your mother end and do you start'? How might our mother’s stress have changed our neurobiology in our earliest years? This kind of information can help us heal our brain and nervous system, so that we can have more conscious interactions with others and live in the world with more confidence. Mom’s influence can carry quite a bit of weight!

Here are the details: I hope to see you there!

Theme: Where does your mother end and do you start?

Date: March 9, 2022

Place: Zoom

Time: 7PM MST

Cost: $35.00 CDN

Mail me here or at to reserve your spot.

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