What ignites instant and uncomfortable feelings? Where do they come from?

Pre and Peri-natal and early childhood interruptions

This can be particularly true if our caregivers didn't have the capacity to make room for our feelings. A child needs to know that the person caring for them can meet them at the level of their emotion. Stress hormones arise if the child is left holding the emotion on their own and that can result in health issues, relationship challenges in all areas of life, how we approach challenges and how a person gains traction in the world.

These imprints can be developed while we are still gestating in the womb and up until the first seven years of life. We can override our need to feel what we need to stay in our adult self when we are pushed beyond the capacity of what we were able to develop as at very early ages. This can give rise to guilt, shame, humiliation and a myriad of other emotions.

Ancestral pain

We also might be carrying something that has been unresolved in our parents or ancestors. What is unresolved in them lives in what has become known as the 'metamorphic field' . This might be compared to an energetic grid where are ancestors live in the afterworld. They take their unresolved traumas with them and in a loyalty to love we unconsciously find a way to try and soothe their pain or bring justice to a wrong that might have been committed. We might carry someone else's anger, frustration or feelings of loneliness etc.

This article tells of a man's personal experience in constellation work and how he was deeply changed after his experience.

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