What interrupts the flow in your family?

Our body's, minds, emotional and spiritual selves cannot be separated. It's a package deal and healing is an inside job.

What's happened to our family tends to happen to us. It doesn't always show up in the same guise but it will often have an overlay on our current reality.

You may have health struggles if you came from a family where your autonomy was not respected. There can be many dynamics that can be an influence for example a fundamentalist religion, a strong patriarchal or matriarchal background where one person's law is all there is room for, various kinds of abuse, too much responsibility being placed on a child etc.

Another example might be if your parents had a miscarriage, you or one of your siblings or grandchildren may not have children or might struggle in your relationship with the ones you have. These kinds of unresolved pain can live and repeat in the energetic grid of the family until someone looks at it and brings it to neutrality.

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