What just happened?

It sounds easy enough and it can be frustrating for someone that's standing there waiting for us to communicate if we stop talking. For some of us a loss of words can be our first 'innate survival' response.

The response can be triggered by anything. It could be a smell or a taste of something or a loud noise. Perhaps a seemingly innocent comment can make us feel like we're being scolded and we're bad or useless to our core. These feelings can come from our hardwiring in our earliest days as we grew a body and as young children. They can also come from an unconscious connection to the energetic field that our family lives in. Someone in later generations will usually pick up the tension if something traumatic happened in our family history that was never resolved.

The good news is that these things don't have to hold us hostage. Once we can identify and integrate them we won't suffer the freeze response the same way.

We can 'identify' the problem and 'integrate' the new information with resources. Do you have resources?

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