What keeps us going in circles? What prevents from living the life we only see others living?

One example I heard a psychologist give was, if a person went into the forest and was attacked, they might believe the forest is the predator and so the forest is no longer safe. This is an example of how our brain becomes confused by events that took place when we didn't have enough immediate resource to make sense of the experience.

These experiences, when left unresolved can lead to PTSD and tend to live on in our family systems, creating havoc or at the very least some unrest for the ones that come later.

The example above might like play out like this: A person won't take the dream job overseas because they have a sense of impending doom. They feel like they are bad and deserve bad things to happen so they stay home, stay safe and stay small. This person might be carrying the fate of the person that was attacked in the forest because it was never resolved. The fear and other related emotions may live in that one's offspring or might just be held in the larger family system until someone recognizes it and helps untangle that which had never been seen.

Stay tuned for upcoming online group sessions. The way it works: Message me if you have something you would like to resolve. I will get a group together in a confidential zoom meeting space to support you and your family as we look at your intention through your family and ancestral lens.

I also work in private one on one sessions online or in person.

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