What part of me yearns to be acknowledged?

When did the "I want you to like me" syndrome begin? We will never remember when we developed it because it was there before we had words or thoughts. Babies and children will do anything to be pleasing to their parents and will almost always feel responsible when they 'feel' their parents are unhappy or displeased. They will suppress their own desires to oblige their caregivers because it is a matter of survival to be liked by the person who is keeping you alive. It's hard to break habits or thought forms that are imprinted so deeply into our unconscious they have become salient feelings.

On Thursday February 10 at 7PM MST, I will be offering a group session (constellation work) where we will be doing 'snapshots'. This way of working gives a number of individuals in the group an opportunity to look at an unconscious piece. Our theme is going to be 'What part of me yearns to be acknowledged?

The cost is 35.00. E-transfers can be sent to or through Paypal to the same email address. Contact me for the zoom link or if there is a need for financial considerations. Making room for loving all parts of ourselves.

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