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Another workshop coming up! Reclaim your pure health

Date: Tuesday May 17

Time: 7PM -9:30 PM (MDT)

Where: Zoom

Cost: 35.00 CDN

Email Bev at to book your space.

In this workshop we will be working in a 'snapshot' form as we have done in previous workshops. What is a 'snapshot' in family and ancestral work? This is where we choose to take a closer look at dynamics that affect our life. Representatives from the group feel into each dynamic which allows the seeker the opportunity to observe how the unconscious influences are playing out and affecting our choices in life.

Working with snapshots is an extremely informative method to get to the bottom of our 'stuck' places in life.

Are there other methods of working? Yes, absolutely.

This work can be tailored to your specific concerns. Group 'constellation' work and Pre and Peri Natal work are two deeply supportive ways I have discovered to facilitate healing the issues that lie closest to our hearts. All it takes is a quick call or email to me and I will set up a group where we will feel into whatever is interrupting your potency in this world.

How does pricing work for the different approaches?

Pricing for the snapshots workshops is 35.00 CDN per participant.

Pricing for specific and individual work where you will be the 'focus or turn person' is 155.00 CDN for the turn person and 20.00 CDN for representatives.

Can I work in a private session?

Again, absolutely! We can work in person or over Zoom in a one on one session. Family and ancestral work is versatile in it's approach. All you have to do is book a session by contacting me at and I will arrange the rest.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 or a time of your choosing to look at a specific concern. Remember, life is so much better when we feel safe to lean in and help each other.

Much love,


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