Who's leading?It can be complicated.

It's an odd thing but we can have an internal conflict. On one side we lean into survival and on the other side we have our neuro-biological imprinting or adeptations that keep us from living the life we were born to live. It's like there is an inner war going on inside of the individual.

Memories, if they are happy, frightening etc all live inside of us. Those memories influence our relationships. If we came from a background of security then we trust that people will treat us fairly and lovingly. If we have a history of inconsistency with our care givers then we learn to trust ourselves. Typically that means we are trusting a child because these behaviours were put in place when we didn't feel adequately held either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Working through our history with another person or a supportive group can provide deep change in our psyche and body. To learn more about my workshops you can go here

I also provide one to one sessions in person and online.

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