Who were you before others shaped you? Who was the spark before all that?

Last night seven people shared a circle and dropped into the Pre and Peri Natal space. What is that and what makes it special?

The Pre and Peri Natal space is our first connection to our life in this physical world. It's the place where we felt all of the outside influences on our vulnerable being during our time of gestation and the first seven years of our lives. Whatever was going on for our parents, our community and the world was also going on for us. We felt it all because we had no defence against anything that didn't support our well-being.

In our workshop we felt into the neurobiological 'imprints' that were taken on in the womb and in the earliest days of life and reshaped how those experiences affect daily life.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops if you would like to know a deeper part of yourself, before you started giving parts of yourself up to please other people or you were affected by harsh birth interventions.

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