Why we would love someone that did us wrong?

Judging people can lead to excluding people from the family system. Love gets dammed up where there is exclusion. When that happens, someone in a later generation unconsciously takes the burden or debris away from the dam to let love flow. Although it is a loving attempt to get love flowing through the family system, it is typically unhelpful and tends to cause more confusion and pain.

The unhealed trauma that caused the behaviour to be excluded in the first place must be named and recognized for what it is.

I'm always here to help identify where the love is compromised in the family and help you become free of the unconscious burdens you may be carrying for your family.

I offer private sessions over Zoom, Skype, Face time and over the phone.

Would you like to do a group session ? Stay tuned, one is coming up in January. I'll post here and under the 'workshop' heading here on my site. Sending love to everyone on this fine day!!

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